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What is Social Trading?

Social trading is a form of investing that involves learning from, collaborating with, and following other retail traders with the primary objective of obtaining profitability. Retail investors have swarmed to social media in droves in search of better investment opportunities. On traditional platforms, these endeavors have been shaky at best. Without measures to audit represented performances, investors have been given the run around.

Now There's Social.Trade

  • Track and Share Trades with Friends
  • View statistics per account and per trade
  • Tap twice on a trade to copy from leaders
  • Chat with and learn from more experienced traders

How Social.Trade Mixes Things Up

Social.Trade isn't like normal social trading platforms.

Social.Trade integrates with your existing brokerage accounts for maximum simplicity.

Not only that, but you aren't restricted to only traders within the Social.Trade community. You can follow traders found on social media like Discord!

To Follow a Trader
  • Search / navigate to their profile
  • Click the 'Follow' button
  • Customize a trade template for that trader
  • When that trader makes a trade, follow within two taps according to 20+ predefined settings!

Want to go another route? Something a little more algorithmic?

Social.Trade will also have the ability to receive your custom TradingView indicator / strategy alerts so you can have your custom-built scripts monitoring the markets for you!

Founder @ Social.Trade

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